IC Faculty and Staff

Highly qualified certified teachers with Level 1 Religious certification and Franciscan Sisters serve on Staff.

Interim Principal –  Mrs. Grisell Diaz

 GrisellMrs. Diaz has a Master’s of Education in Education Leadership and Administration from Chapman University and a Bachelor’s of Education in Bilingual/Multicultural Elementary Education from Arizona State University. She is pursuing her AZ Principal Certificate and holds an AZ Teaching Certificate K-8, Bilingual Certificate K-12. Mrs. Diaz has 13 years of experience in education including       2 years here at IC. gdiaz@diocesetucson.org



Mrs. Claudia Nieves

Secretary / Tuition Manager



Mrs. Ofelia Carmack

Health Clerk/Receptionist 


Mrs. Esmeralda Mata




Sister Lorita Gaffney

Office Assistant 


Miss Gema Galvan 

Pre K Teacher 

Miss Diana Vazquez

Miss Diana Vazquez

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Diane Argomaniz

1st Grade Teacher


Mrs. Caroline Gallardo

2nd Grade Teacher


Mrs. Debbie Martinez

3rd Grade Teacher 


Ms. Natalie Castro 

4th Grade Teacher


Mrs. Maricela Kussey

5th Grade Teacher


Mrs. Lori Lee 

6th Grade Teacher


Mrs. Grisell Diaz

7th Grade Teacher


Ms. Angela Arviso-Rodriguez

8th Grade Teacher


Mrs. Crystal Davis

PE Teacher / Sports Director 


Mrs. Jacqueline Flores-Munoz

Music Teacher 

Public Relations

& Marketing 


     Mrs. Maria Sullivan

Library & Computers




Sister Ann Mary Heart      

Interventionist Math Teacher

Ms. Bernadette Presloid

Title I Reading Teacher


      Ms. Victoria                Sonoqui                                    Kindergarten Aide

Miss Gema Rodriguez

Pre K Aide

Miss Martina Passino 

Pre K Aide 

Mrs. Kari Moustafa

1st Grade Aide

Mr. Ronnie Arviso

Substitute Teacher

Mrs. Alma Lopez

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Maria Valencia 

Cafeteria Assistant 


Cafeteria Assistant 

Mr. Roy Mendoza

Maintenance Supervisor 

Mr. Rafael Encinas


Mr. Luis Ramirez