IC Faculty and Staff

Highly qualified certified teachers with Level 1 Religious certification and Franciscan Sisters serve on Staff.


Teacher’s emails:

Kindergarten Mrs. Nancy Young- nyoung@diocesetucson.org

1st Grade Mrs. Diane Argomaniz- dargomaniz@diocesetucson.org

2nd Grade Ms. Savannah Patrick- spatrick@diocesetucson.org

3rd Grade Mrs. Debbie Martinez- dmartinez@diocesetucson.org

4th Grade Ms. Caroline Gallardo- cgallardo@diocesetucson.org

5th Grade Mrs. Maricela Kussey- mkussey@diocesetucson.org

6th Grade Mrs. Lori Lee- llee@diocesetucson.org

7th Grade Mrs. Natalie Castro- ncastro@diocesetucson.org

8th Grade Ms. Angela Arviso- aarodriguez@diocesetucson.org

Office Staff: Ms. Claudia Nieves- cnieves@diocesetucson.org

Ms. Ofelia Carmack- ocarmack@diocesetucson.org

Principal: Mrs. Grisell Diaz- gdiaz@diocesetucson.org


Below are additional websites for additional resources:


“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) As we reflect on the key values of placing Christ in the center of our lives, we will get through the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic. As a parish school community, we will be able to tell our story of how we came together in partnership to ensure high learning expectations for all students.  Turning to Christ in times of trouble will give us many strengths. We wish many blessings upon our parish school community in the next few weeks. 

Peace and Blessings,


Mrs. Diaz