Catholic Education is accessible and affordable in Arizona thanks to many scholarship opportunities!  Arizona tax payers are able to direct their state taxes to education through CTSO or the Yes Program (see links below). The IC office staff also directs donations to preschoolers in need and offers a number of other scholarship opportunities.  Please contact Mrs. Claudia Nieves in the office for more information! Forms can be submitted in person to our school office or via email to


Scholarship List 2021-2022



Tops For Kids:



AAA Scholarship Foundation:



Fair (CTSO) - Catholic Tuition SupportOrganization:



ALF - Arizona Leadership Foundation:




YES - Yes Fund For Kids:






STAY - School Tuition Association Of Yuma INC:




ACF - Arizona Community Foundation




Arizona Tax Credit:




Arizona Education Scholarship Foundation:




Arizona Tuition Connection:




Arizona Education First: