In 1868, the first Immaculate Conception Church was originated, the Church was located on the corner of Fourth and Main Streets. The first Catholic School in Yuma was Sacred Heart and it was in service from 1875 to 1883 and 1887 to 1891. The school was destroyed by flooding in 1891, a new school was built and operated until 1893, but it closed due to lack of financial support. In 1899, the original church was torn down and the second Immaculate Conception Church was built. In 1917, the IC Parish started the Foundation of the Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe to meet the spiritual needs of the Hispanic community in Yuma.

In 1930, after 37 years with no Catholic education in Yuma, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity came from Wisconsin to once again start Catholic elementary education. Educational instruction began in the school's three-story building on Fourth Avenue.

After a fire destroyed the Immaculate Conception Church built in 1899, the new Church was built on Avenue B in 1963. A new school was built just a few years later, as the school on Fourth Avenue had to be knocked down since it was so badly damaged. As a result, the new school was built beside the parish of Immaculate Conception on Avenue B. This new school opened its doors in 1965 and that same year the new convent was opened.

In 1996, a fire burned down the church built to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe and in 1997 the Mission of our Lady of Guadalupe was rebuilt as it stands today. In the year 2000, Yuma Catholic High School was built to serve the community as well.

Our Parish has formed and educated part of this community for 87 years in a row through the Franciscan Sisters; 56 years before the Franciscan Sisters, the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Sisters of Mercy educated the community for 14 years; and now we also support high school education through Yuma Catholic HS. We celebrate many years of Catholic Education in Yuma thanks to the efforts of those who served with faith and fervor and we plan to continue making history!